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SEO may be the smartest investment you can make in your business today. SEO gets your website access to the traffic looking for products and services through search engines like Google and Bing. This package’s aim is to get the clients’ site (yours) up the search results for profitable keywords that relate to your site. These keywords are what future customers are looking for your product.

SEO if the competition have not embarked on an SEO campaign of their own: it’s just a question of time before they get to it. Either way, the time to begin your SEO campaign is now. With our comprehensive competitive analysis, we take care to make certain you get the very best improvements, especially over your direct competition. For many growing companies, a strong SEO campaign means the difference between barely getting by and the success you need.

If you’re a business which also relies on foot traffic, or as may be the case, wholly relies on foot traffic, then investing in Local SEO is a very important step to complete success. Local SEO is a great complement to SEO as it provides similar benefits on a local level. By optimizing your local credibility in terms of citations and reputation building, we help your business to the top of the local listings when potential customers search for terms like “dog grooming”, “bait shop”, or whatever your business is all about! Nothing attracts more customers like appearing at the top of local search results with a 5 star rating.

Local SEO Package – What’s included:

Keyword Research

This is the first step of every SEO campaign. During this phase we look into the search traffic from keywords relevant to your business or product, and comparing it with the general competition. This covers the strength of competition, amount of competition, and identity of competition. We also identify and analyse all of what your competitors are doing to promote their services and are certain to get you the biggest edge.

Ranking Reports

It can be hard to keep track of everything that is happening on your site, which is why we make it simple for all of our clients to see exactly what their SEO campaign is achieving. We monitor your site for changes and continuously observe the search results as they start to move up the rankings. We send out reports to our customers to keep them updated, too. You really deserve to know what’s going on with your campaign! We are so proud of the results we deliver, are enthusiastic to share that excitement with you.

Google Analytics

This is a very tool utilized in the industry to look at the traffic coming to your site. It allows us to find out how traffic is finding your site (through links, search results, or if users are typing in the url)and what viewers look at on your website. This permits us to tailor our efforts perfectly to your site at this moment, getting you the absolute best return on investment.

Target Keywords: 4

Choosing target keywords for your SEO campaign is possibly the most important decisions we have to make, which is why we take the time to determine the best ones. Our SEO team chooses 4 keywords for your campaign, based on several metrics that determine how quickly we can expect to see progress in the rankings and anticipated increases in traffic.

Onsite Optimization

Onsite optimization essentially is the process of changing a few things on your site to improve its functionality and adherence to web standards. This lends authority to your web site causing search engines to trust that your site is more trustworthy. This stage consists of an in-depth analysis of your site based primarily on the keywords identified in our research, current web standards for display , and SEO best practices. Our company (when given correct credentials) will make these necessary changes, and in both cases, we provide you with a detailed report on the current state of onsite optimization.

Blog Commenting

Using the keywords chosen for your SEO campaign, we post relevant comments on blogs where suitable, including links to diversify, and build your link profile. Clients can decide to opt out of this if they would like.

Local Maps Optimization

Especially as smart phones become increasingly popular, the use of web applications such as Google Maps becomes a more common resource for customers looking for a location to shop. With Local Maps Optimization, all your current and verified information is added to these mapping applications so customers find you when searching. This will also increase your credible citations count.

Social Bookmarking

Social media plays an important role in any marketing campaign, and the same is true of any SEO campaign adding links from blog content and articles to social bookmarking sites like Digg and Reddit. This helps promote awareness and increases your back link count, along with promoting direct traffic.

Citation Building

Much of SEO today is trust. The more trust a search engine places in your site, the better it will rank. The same goes for local optimization. When search engines like Google see your same address across many citations sites (yellow book, yelp, etc.) it can be assured you’re a real business and that’s your correct information. The more Google can trust you, the better chance your site has for showing up in local searches.

Monthly Content Submissions: 25

Content Submission is the process of adding written content to an article site or writing repository. Like every part of our SEO campaigns, we don’t use any automation. All submissions are done by hand for the best quality and 100% approval rate from respected article directories, unlike some marketing firms.

Monthly Blog Posts: 2

All websites should have a blog. Having consistent blog posts is crucial to keeping search engine spiders coming back for updates. Besides helping your site’s SEO, posting relevant content on your web site is always important! The blog posts we create for our customers are carefully considered, contain highly relevant subjects, and are always excellent quality.

Articles: 1

Each month, articles are written for each campaign. These articles contain relevant, well thought out content that cover topics utilized to market your website through keyword targeting, and in-text links. We distribute your articles to several writing communities and article repositories, all the time with SEO best practices in mind.

Reputation Management

There are a lot of sites a potential customer can find and post reviews for your business on. Learning SEO will constantly monitor these social media sites for any negative content and report any instances directly to you.

Monthly Reviews Posted

Should the client want to provide a review per month for us to post, we will distribute the review appropriately. Boost your company’s confidence and reputation on the web by letting your satisfied customers be heard!

We are one of the top SEO servicers online. We work for clients of all sizes, all types, all with markedly different needs All our experts are trained in the best practices of SEO, professionalism, and writing. We don’t never use automation or possibly reputation damaging automation. Instead, we do all of our work by hand, working through your entire campaign with the closest attention to detail. Our utilization of the human brain instead of automated tools is very apparent in the results we deliver and to anyone who has previously been with SEO firms who used automation.

We customize our SEO plans to the specific requirements of every project. No two websites are identical, nor do they rank well in the same precise way. That is what makes our company so special – we are dedicated to ensuring your project is handled properly.

Pricing Plan

The pricing for all of our SEO plans is based on an hourly rate for the time our team spends. Each component of your SEO campaign takes a certain amount of time to complete, the average time is used to compute the monthly cost. All of our plans are month-to-month, there are no long-term commitments or contracts to sign. No SEO provider can get your page to the top of page one immediately, but we’re confident that you’ll begin seeing progress within a short period. There’s a good reason the majority of our customers stay with our team for life! To start your SEO campaign, just pay the initial month charge and answer a few simple questions from our team, then we get to work on your results. The regular monthly rate begins on the second month. Occasionally, our team may bring you suggestions for website updates, adding new keywords to your target list, or other SEO and online marketing ideas, and we are always available at any time for any questions or concerns you have.


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Click the Subscribe button to get your monthly SEO started. After subscribing, you will be taken to a page to enter your contact details. Once these have been entered, we will contact you within 48 hours so we can start your campaign.

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