SMS Marketing: Keys to Success


SMS (short messaging service) is still the hub of communication within mobile media. If you want to succeed with mobile marketing, then you need to make SMS work for you. The keys that you will find in this article are designed to help you turn mobile marketing into a moneymaker for your business.

Always include a two-step process for opting in to communications from your company. This means that, after people have responded to one of your SMS messages in a positive way, they have to send a specific message to become subscriber to your content. A lot of people still have limits to the number of text messages they can receive each plan period, and just about everyone has limits on the patience they have for text messages filling their inboxes. If you use a two-step process, you will reduce the number of recipients, but you will increase the likelihood that each recipient wants to hear from you — and you’ll cut down on “unsubscribe” requests.

If people keep coming back and buying from you, you need to make sure that they get rewarded for it. Reserve some special discount offers, rebates, coupons and codes for those people, and send them out after a certain number of purchases. This will give you happy campers in your customer base, and should lead to a lot of repeat (and referral) business. If you want to offer discount codes for referrals as well, all the better — people will appreciate the opportunity to save money, and to build status within your company as well.

You can use SMS messaging to send out the latest deal that your business is offering. Maybe you’re the new pizza joint on the block, and you want your newest customers to know that they can get any pizza they want for $8. Put that into a quick SMS and send it to everyone who has ordered in the last 30 days. At the end of the message, give people the chance to opt out of further communication if they want. However, you’ll be surprised how many people end up ordering a pizza from that sort of message. Coupons always get a response of some sort.

Every time you send out a message, let people know what you want them to do. It doesn’t have to be in the SMS itself if you have a link, but it is more helpful if you do so. Text messages need to have a reason to be sent — it’s not a Twitter page. When people receive texts, they expect to be asked for some sort of response. You won’t come across as pushy, and if you’ve allowed your customers the chance to opt out each time you send a message, people will realize that you’re just trying to offer them a deal, and your communications won’t be resented.

SMS marketing does not cost a lot, and it can be very personal. Use these tips to build a strong SMS marketing presence.

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